So I decided I wanted a central point of storage because my new Macbook pro had a small 250gb ssd and so applications, movies and tv shows would easily fill up the hard drive. I have a look at the possible options and in the end I decided I would get an old Mac Mini off eBay and put a big hard drive in.

So I went on eBay and found a 1st Gen Mac Mini with an Intel Core Duo 1.66GHz and 2GB of Ram for £100 and then I picked up a hard drive off Amazon cheap. In hindsight I would now say that I wished I got a slightly newer Mac Mini with a 64bit processor as this restricted me to what version of OSX i could put on it( 10.6.8 ).


Anyway once I got the kit, I put a bootable version of OSX 10.6.8 onto a usb drive and away I went(Important note, have a usb keyboard and mouse at hand), after I had an operating system on it I then looked at installing XBMC(another guide on here), UTorrent, Couch Potato and Sickbeard Piratebay version. These pieces of software work excellently together, when configured correctly I managed to get Sickbeard and Couch Potato talking to UTorrent and XMBC so when a selection is made in Sickbeard or Couch Potato then a message is sent to UTorrent to download and XBMC displays a notification of when it has began downloading and finished.

Remote management, so with my Mac Mini, I wanted it to run standalone and out the way with no keyboard and mouse and just connected to the tv(via dvi to hdmi). Firstly, I did assign a static ip address but instead I set a computer name for the Mac Mini, this is located in System Preferences -> Sharing and then at the top as computer name.

Screen Shot 2013-04-28 at 20.20.02

So in this case from another computer I should be able to access Batman.local and that would be my Mac Mini. What I also wanted was remote screen for the cases where I may need to install or do something, to do this I enabled screen sharing and also file sharing. After that, it was ready to go and could access the server from any computer via that computer name.