Whilst working at Betfair, I created both the Android and iOS version of Betfair’s exchange games Texas Hold’Em(Poker InPlay).


The product plays a game of Texas Hold’Em with 4 computer players, you have the ability to bet on either of those players to win. The betting opportunity occurs during each critical event, so the Deal, Preflop, Flop, Turn and River. This game is totally random, I have tried downloading the results of a week to see if there is a pattern which can be predicted on the results but literally what odds are offered by the Betfair bot are true(alittle under true) to their outcome.

Betfair are offering a £5 risk free bet too, so take full advantage of this: http://ads.betfair.com/redirect.aspx?pid=65625&bid=1822

What is the Betfair Bot?

The Betfair bot is an account that is offering the true odds on the hands on the exchange, I call it the Betfair bot because it is a bot created by Betfair and it provides liquidity on the exchange games market. You can easily spot the bot because you will see most hands on the PreFlop will be offered at 3.95 and set amount of liquidity on all four hands. Also as I mentioned about true odds, there is 1 in 4 chance of winning at this stage hence slightly under 4.00 offered by the bot.

iOS Application:

The iOS application is definitely the better of the two applications, you can get it on itunes from here: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/poker-in-play-betting-by-betfair/id593012202?mt=8

The new version(1.2) is a far superior product and includes some new features like cashout now and drag-able chips.


So in summary, if you have an iPhone or even iPad then I would recommend this product as it is fun to play and you can win some money. BTW – I am not responsible for any losses or wins you may get using this app, if you have a problem then contact Betfair.

This little review shows some of the features of the app:


Android Application:

To be honest with you, the Android application is no where near as good as the iPhone version but still playable. The Android application came out about 7 months before the iOS one because I was working on this whilst living in Romania. Actually obtaining the application is a little harder than the iOS one, here is a direct link to the app PokerInplay.apk

Here is a good review on the android product that I made http://www.bestpokerapps.co.uk/betfair-poker-android-app/


So in Summary, download the apps and play them, they are fun but just remember they were made soley by one developer, Me and I did each app in under 6 months! oh and also I am not liable for losses but if you want to give me a percentage of your winnings then I am willing to take them :P

Thanks for reading.