I discovered a nice plugin manager for Xcode, its called Alcatraz, you can get it from here http://alcatraz.io/

You can download a range of items to enhance your experience with Xcode, from Themes to plugins. I found that although Xcode is an excellent IDE, after using Android Studio(essentially Inteli-J), there is some items lacking. Alcatraz has a range of plugins which address some of these issues.

I have currently installed:

AdjustFontSize – Simple plugin to zoom in and out with the CMD +/- keys

CocoaPodsUI – A CocoaPods UI, to save me having to navigate to the project directory and perform an update.

DBSmartPanels – Automatically hides the panel when not in use, I find that you lose alot of screen real estate when you have all the panels open, this plugin will auto hide it when you switch views from an interface file to a code file.

FuzzyAutocomplete – Why have Apple not done this already!? Simple plugin which applies fuzzy matching when showing autocomplete.

RTImageAssets – Since the release of the iphone 6+, most apps should have @3x images, this means additional time in photoshop having to produce the images in an additional resolution, this plugin makes life alot easier, I only have to make the image in the @3x resolution, then get the RTImageAssets to generate the other resolutions.