Month: March 2015

Symbolicating crash reports in iOS

March 28, 2015 Mobile , ,

We have all been there, getting a crash report and the stack trace makes no sense because its not been symbolicated properly. I found this really handy tutorial that goes through every step to symbolicate manually instead of relying on the “magic” to happen. The blog post goes into a good level of depth on how it works and how to do it yourself.


IPA Assets

March 26, 2015 Mobile

I have uploaded my ipa assets project to github publicly so that anybody can use it.

IPA-Assets allows you open an ipa file from the app store and get the images from it, it can be quite a handy tool when you want to understand how other apps work with their assets.

Future of mobile communications to businesses

March 26, 2015 Mobile

I have been really busy working on a few contracts this past year and I have started to get a good grasp on how the market is moving.

An interesting subject is digital communications with businesses, its now becoming a fast trend within the mobile market for apps to allow users communicate with businesses.

I guess the one of the major apps out there is Uber, you now can order a taxi without even speaking to anyone. So if you can order a taxi without speaking to anyone, then why not do this for every business? well actually this is happening,

I predict there will be a flurry of apps which will provide a service where you type in a message to the business, somebody on the other end gets the message and contacts the business and relays that information. There is already a few apps trying this, namely Path Find, it allows you to send a message to a business and they will relay that information back, at the moment they are covering bars and restaurants. Here is a screenshot of me trying out their service.


So really, its just a matter of time until you will have true unity and all apps will allow you to “chat” with the business digitally. If you haven’t had chance, you should watch Facebook’s keynote at F8, the new update to the messenger app allows you interact with a business when you make an order, so you can amend your order and even get its delivery status. Facebook are looking into payments via the messenger app, so this process is going to be very seamless, from start to finish using the messenger app.